Middle school

Orbost Community College’s Middle School includes Years 7 to 9 and challenges, supports and encourages students on their learning journey.


We have two Year 7 and Year 8 classes, and one Year 9 class. In Years 8 and 9, students study elective subjects together. The Year 7 to 9 curriculum is sequential and comprehensive curriculum, which aims to recognise the different needs, abilities and interests of individual students. Andy Malcolm is our Middle School leader.

Year 7 curriculum

Students in Year 7 study English, Humanities, the Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Personal Development (including HPE/Phys Ed).

We also focus on students’ literacy skills, inquiry-based learning, and Special Programs e.g. Life Skills.

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Year 8 and 9 curriculum

Students’ studies are more individualised from Year 8, with students able to study electives while completing their core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Professional Development.

Elective subject options change each year so that students can experience a wider range of subjects.

The elective subject options are Physical, Personal and Social Learning, The Arts, and Interdisciplinary Learning.

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