Extra-curricular activities

Orbost Community College offers students the opportunity to participate in visual arts and extra-curricular activities to enrich their education.


We have a vibrant arts program that all students participants. Those in the Middle and Senior Schools can also get involved in the college production or local debating competitions.

Visual arts

The art room is used as a hub for primary and secondary school students to learn visual arts.

Students learn how to communicate through our visual arts subject, starting with foundational principles and elements. They then analyse and apply these to their own work. The kind of projects completed by students vary in line with their year of study.

pottery 204 OrbostCollege
Student performers dressed in character for school production


Students in the Senior School can study Drama as a subject, putting on several small performances as part of their study.

Additionally, all students from Year 7 through to Year 12 can elect to be involved in the college’s annual School Production. This is an extra-curricular activity, with rehearsals and performances taking place outside of normal school hours.


Students in Year 10 are offered the opportunity to compete in the annual Rotary Inter-Town Debate, against Lakes Entrance Secondary College.

Students spend classroom and after school time developing arguments on topics as diverse as asylum seekers, climate change and Gen Z.


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