Alumni: Lynnette Solomon-Dent

Orbost alumni Lynette

A long history with great memories

A Monaro/Ngarigo Aboriginal woman, Lynette has family connections with the GunaiKurnai peoples of Gippsland, and great memories of her time working and attending Orbost schools.

Wunman njinde, my name is Lynnette Solomon-Dent. I grew up around East Gippsland going to primary schools at Bemm River, Cabbage Tree and into Orbost whilst my dad worked at the local sawmills or drove trucks. My dad Norman Solomon went to Orbost Primary, Ruskin Street in the 1940’s and members of our family went to Orbost North Primary

I am a Monaro/Ngarigo Aboriginal woman one of 10 children to Lucy Jean and Norman Solomon. I have family connections to the GunaiKurnai peoples of Gippsland.

I married Jeffrey Dent from Orbost we had 6 children, I am a Nana and Great nana. Our three surviving children live on Braiakauloong country. Jeffrey and I returned home in 2015. I now live on my Uncle’s country of Tatungaloong in Lakes Entrance.

I worked at Woolum Bellum School in Morwell since the beginning in 1995 until 2012 when it closed and returned to Orbost to take up the position as the Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO) at Orbost Secondary. I went to Orbost High school, as did my dad and my husband Jeffrey, so we have a long history with this school and great memories.

I have been involved in the Koorie education space for over 35 years, developing teaching materials and embedding Aboriginal Languages and perspectives into kindergartens and schools working with the Victorian Curriculum And Assessment Authority (VCAA).

I have taught in various spaces from University, Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary school. I have a passion for creating positive learning environments for all students and staff.

Yarrabee, Lynne

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